Re: [MV] Engine colors for GPW
Sat, 4 Jul 1998 18:26:10 EDT

In a message dated 7/4/98 8:48:17 AM EST, writes:

<< I know that the block is Ford grey and the accessories are black, but there
are still several questions, What color is the valve cover, theoil
pan,cylinder block to flywheel plate,timing chain cover and water pump outlet
on the front of the engine. Just dknow if these are part of the block or
classified as accessories >>
All of these parts would be GPW grey, same as the engine. However not all the
accessories would be black on a GPW. They used a high percentage of OD parts
in the engine compartment as opposed to Willys who used semi-gloss black.
Maybe this changed as time went on but my own understanding of GPWs is that
these parts are more likely to be OD than black: Radiator, Fan (but not the
water pump), Air cleaner crossover tube, Carburator elbow, Fuel filter (if
mounted on the fire wall), steel radiator tubes (sometimes). The
rest;generator, starter, voltage regulator, aircleaner, would be BLACK or;
coil, manifolds, oil pump, distributor, water pump, radiator steel tubes
(othertimes) accelerator linkage and spring would be GPW Grey.

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