[MV] Confirmed Early GPW, but not that early

Sat, 4 Jul 1998 18:11:01 EDT

In a message dated 7/3/98 10:43:52 PM EST, TIMS@ACADEMIC.TRUMAN.EDU writes:

<< The frame read
*GPW353I* That isn't a typo on my part--it read 353I rather than 3531.
It is a Willys frame with lots of F marked parts on the frame. >>
I have one question for you if you can get close enough to check again. Does
it have Ford "F" marked bolts? the reason I ask is this: GPW# 4 came with some
but not many of her original parts still in place held on by what seem to be
the original bolts. All of the parts (side body handles, footrests, and a few
others) are F marked but not one single bolt anywhere on this jeep is marked
with an "F". This is part of why I believe that GPW #4 is possibly the oldest
GPW in existence despite its late date of delivery. Meaning that it was
actually in the number four spot on the assembly line but for some reason (use
around the factory, failed final inspection, sent on bond drives, and other
reasons have been suggested) on was not delivered to the Government until the
date that the contract was due. I would like to hear from anyone who has
knowlege of, or possession of Very Early GPWs as to whether their trucks have
"F" marked bolts.
I also have a question for you GP owners, I rarely get to see them up close so
perhaps you can tell me if GPs had "F" marked bolts or not.
btw: a serial number of GPW 3531(or 353I) would still place this GPW in the
VERY Early production bracket.

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