[MV] $500 Finder's Fee for Certain MB Engine

Todd Paisley (paisley@erols.com)
Sat, 4 Jul 1998 22:19:31 -0400

$500 finder's fee for finding an MB engine that lead's to my purchase with
the following characteristics:

1) A engine serial number near MB-463XXX (Engine number is stamped on a
raised oval area on the upper right passenger side of the block in the area
that would be underneath the oil filter.)

2) A engine casting date of 8-19 (or within a few days of) Casting date is
on the passenger side of the block to the left of the big 638632 casting
number. It is in the form of MM-DD.

3) Must be legit. (I know other markings. Don't bother restamping...)

Engine can be in any condition. (Cracked, rusted, seized, split in 2,
connecting rod sticking out the side....)

Smaller finder's fee for a MB-499XXX serial number engine......

If anyone comes across such an engine, please let me know. Thanks.

Todd Paisley

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