Re: [MV] M 151 I am looking to purchase
Sun, 5 Jul 1998 05:13:50 EDT

There's not much defferent in the A2 power plant other than newer!!!!
Take a good look under this M151 for the amount of rust and if its been cut
before or not and if so what kind of cut? 1/2, 1/3 cut. and how the weld is
holding up? Is it running off electric fuel pump or mech. fuel pump? How's
the wind shield, they rust pretty easy. If its been sitting up for a while
with no gas in it the gas tanks will rust.?
Check the title verry close!!!!!
My 67 M151A1 had been cut into 1/3s!!!! I have driven it for 5 yrs now and no
problems with the welds so far.

Your "JEEP" nut !!!!!!!
MVPA Member # 18907
62 M151
67 M151A1w/M4 pedistal&Cradle,M60(dummy)AN / VRC-47(radio)heater,fording kit
71 M151A2 w/ROPS,heater
67 M416 trailer

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