[MV] 151A1 Flooding

Stu Ellis (stu@bit-net.com)
Sun, 5 Jul 1998 10:34:51 -0400

Hi guys! I am having trouble with my 151A1 flooding out. If I shut down
the engine for 5-10 minutes the engine floods and won't start again even
though I hold gas pedal to floor without pumping while trying to start. The
other day I started it cold and it staled out before I could give it gas,
and then I waited 15 minutes and it still would not start, I did not hear
the fuel pump clicking anymore. We gave it a little either( starting spray)
and it would turn over but would not start. I had it towed to my
mechanic's. He got in it this morning and it started right up! He started
it again while he was talking to me. This is making me nuts. We changed
PCV valve for new one a couple of weeks ago.. Old one seemed to be open
with no guts. New one has valve in it that you can hear clicking back and
forth inside. Can anyone help? It has points, condensor.,etc. Thanx,

Stu & Meredith- Derry, New Hampshire, USA
1967 M151A1 Serial #2R 2547 MVPA #14790
1964 M416 ICQ #5892801
"Always Buying WWII Firearms"
German-Japanese-American Rifles+Shotguns+Handguns

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