[MV] Re: GPW headlight flicker

Buzz (buzzm@reno.rmci.net)
Sun, 05 Jul 1998 15:17:02 GMT

There is no electrical connection between the dimmer switch and
the body. I suspect your problem was, and maybe still is, a loose
connection on the dimmer switch. I recommend that you remove,
clean, and replace ALL the electrical connections. I also use
anti-sieze compound on all of my electrical connections,

>Had the exact same problem a few weeks ago. I thought I had
broken a wire, inside the insulation, where they meet the
junction block. Actually it turned >out that my dimmer foot
switch was coming loose from its mounting to the floor. (Not
where the wires connect, where it is screwed to the floorboard.)
Tightened it up and no more flicker. Check this out before you
tear into your voltage regulator!=20

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