[MV] GPA versus DUKW development

dennis P. Nolan (nolandp@aramco.com.sa)
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 15:09:22 +0300

The first prototype of the GPA was actually completed by Ford in =
February 1942 after R & D efforts in the last half of 1941 (by =
Marmon-Herrington). The Army officially requested development of he GPA =
1/4 ton amphibious truck in March 1941.=20

Ford commenced actual production of the GPA in September of 1942, =
although the contract fro the US Govt was awarded in March of 1942.=20

I believe the first mock-up of the DUKW was in March of 1942 (per the =
IOS booklet on the DUKW). Some research records indicate the layout of =
the DUKW was patterned after the GPA development.

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