[MV] Re: 151A1 Flooding

Buzz (buzzm@reno.rmci.net)
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 15:07:02 GMT

I had the same problem with my MUTT. When I stopped it would dump
about an ounce of fuel into the air cleaner hose. When I rebuilt
the carburetor I found that the float level setting was way off.
After reassembly it now only dumps a few drops.Hope this will
solve your problem also.

On Mon, 6 Jul 98 06:30:22 EDT, you wrote:
>Welcome to the wonderful M151 fuel system!
>The problem may be (as in mine) with the vacume accelerator pump
in the carb.
>When you step on the gas, the vacume drops and the accelerator
pump injects a
>little more gasoiline. Of course the other time that the vacume
drops is when
>the motor stops 8-) As the motor stops, the accelerator pump
inject some more
>gasoline (just what you need on a hot summers day!).
>I have found no way around this except to remove the carb to air
cleaner hose
>for the summer. Motors are still cheap and the thought of
burning out the
>starter or running the batteries dead out someplace
inappropriate does not sit
>well with me.

Real jeeps are O.D. All others are wannabes.

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