Re: [MV] 6 V starter motor in 12 V
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 22:47:43 EDT

sort of but not exactly.
How do you like that technical talk??
You can burn out the starter overcranking it, so think of it as a very short
duty cycle with time to cool and you should do ok. Will you convert to 12v
generator too?
I've done this on my 6v Ford 8N for years and it works just fine, except that
I have to charge the battery every now and then since the 6v generator can't
keep it charged.
Nothing has broken in 6 years of constant use.......and the 8N is about as
simple as the Flathead Ford.
There have been several really good articles about cleaning the whole 6v
system in a vehicle and how it makes all the difference in the world -
cleaning connections, adding extra bonding straps, chasing voltage drops,
making sure you were charging at better than 6V. Maybe add a seperate 6v that
is in the starter circuit in series but in the charging circuit in parallel?
Best of both worlds....mike
and for those of you who worry about unequal discharge and charging, if he can
afford a T-16, he can afford an extra 6v battery every now and then, or he can
rotate them.

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