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Douglas Greville (
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> what do you think of starting a Ford V8 engine (Universal carrier)
> with a 12
> volts battery for the 6 volts starter motor (all other electrical
> parts in 6
> volts). Is there a risk to damage it.

The weakest link always seems to be the engagement device on the starter
motor, regardless of brand and design. If you are going to use 12v then
get yourself sufficient parts to be able to rebuild the shaft, cog and
spring or clutching device on whatever type of stater you have.
Or get yourself a complete spare starter and put it in one of the
boxes on the vehicle. Sooner or later your starter motor WILL break!

The best solution is to talk to an automotive electrician and get him
to come up with a suitable means of reducing the voltage at the starter
to either 8v or 9v. You will then be unlikely to hurt the starter and
should have no problems, it also allows the rest of the vehicle to be
a 12v system.


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