[MV] 6v starters

Tom Bauer (tomb@ccpl.carr.lib.md.us)
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 23:19:50 -0700

well, all this talk about starters and no one has said
anything about changing the voltage of the starter.
first you have to determine if the starter is parallel
or series.

does the cable connection go to the field AND armature
and the other end of each to ground (parallel) ?
in this which case you can change it to series where the cable
connection goes to one end of the field and the other to
one of the brushes (or pair of brushes) and the other end of
the armature to ground through the other brushes. this will
give you a 12 volt starter. if it runs backwards, reverse
the relation of the field to the armature (swap the two ends
of the field winding) this way you have 6 volts on the field
and 6 volts on the armature thus a 12 volt starter.

if the starter is already wired this way then you can't improve
on the voltage

if someone has a wiring diagram, it may show how the starter is
wired internally........
hope this helps, tom

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