[MV] For Sale: Waterproof Radio Box for either M38/A1 or M37

Rick Green (rgreen@mail.datasys.net)
Tue, 07 Jul 1998 20:11:58 -0700

I have a great condition waterproof radio box for either a M38, M38A1,
or I have also seen them in M37s. It has all the four plugs for the
front, but needs the plexiglass replaced, not hard to do. All radio
mounts for the VRC-10 are there in good shape. It was removed from a
MSMC M38A1. These boxes where used to house radios for ambhib invasions
or in areas of high rainfall. Has places for all power cables and
antennas and mics to come though the sides and stay waterproof. Will
have epics by Thurs for any interested parties. Made of alm, about 50
lbs, bulky. Prefer you pick up here.

Make offer.

Jason Green


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