[MV] Humber FV1600 1ton GS - Advice for buyer

Andy Dingley (dingbat@codesmth.demon.co.uk)
Wed, 08 Jul 1998 00:38:31 GMT

I'm looking at buying a GS-bodied Humber. Any advice ?

It's in the UK, restored and a good runner. People in Wiltshire may
already know it (sand coloured). Usage will be general everyday
stuff; a little light off-roading, collecting the shopping (damn right
it will be !), maybe a long trip or a rally once a year. It will _not_
be an anal-retentive exhibition piece, where I worry if the toolbox
straps have the right buckles on. It's really intended as an
upgrade/replacement for the current V8 engined lightweight Landie.

How should I buy one of these beasties, whilst avoiding having the
engine fall out a week later ? How should I check that the somewhat
complex suspension is OK ?

=46aults noticed on a drive test are that the brakes pull to one side
and the suspension gaiters are missing. I doubt if either is a major
problem, although I'm aware that gaiter-less driving is a bad idea for
the UJs and bearings.

What goes wrong with these vehicles, or with the B60 engine ? Is
anywhere a rust trap I should be aware of ?

What's a nasty job that looks easy, and what's easier than it looks
(if anything !) Mechanically I'm reasonably skilled and equipped; the
family business used to be in haulage, and I'm not unfamiliar with
heavy vehicles.=20

What's the suspension like to work on ? I'm a little afraid of the
number of bushes that could wear out.

Are there any irreplaceable parts that I should grab whenever I see
one ?

How many Pig parts are swappable, and what is different ?

What can I do for wheels/tyres, in terms of something that works on
tarmac and doesn't cost much. At present it's on some elderly
bargrips, and it rains a lot locally !

Where do I go for spares ? (I'm aware of the general UK MV dealer

Thansk for any information you can give.

BTW - Any web pictures of them ? =20
I've seen one at the Queensland MV group site.

The real address is dingbat@codesmiths.com

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