[MV] For Sale M35A2 W/W

Tue, 7 Jul 1998 20:43:30 EDT

If any of you, or somebody you know, is looking for a decent 2 1/2
ton M35A2 cargo, contact me as I have one for sale. Other than
cosmetics, the new owner will not be burdened with having to find
windshields, batteries (new), cab top (new) or other primary
components. This is a winch model with excellent cable, chain
and hook. Very good military ND tires. Upgrades include air ride
driver seat and air shift front axle. Multifuel C Turbocharged diesel
running A-1. Bed racks/troop seats. Very good spare tire included.
$6500. Pics via e-mail.
Joe mvtrucker@aol.com Phone 609-451-5014

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