[MV] HAWK Dummy

Ron Johanson (rojoha@mediaone.net)
Wed, 08 Jul 1998 00:25:56 -0400

YO !
Be advised that Improved HAWK is still very much alive with
Raytheon. Large numbers are being reworked at the Andover , Mass.
facility. Co. had a display/demo set of 3 launchers ,1 loader and 4
reload racks all with inert HAWKs to show how system worked ( not to
mention the HPI, ICWAR, ROR and IPCP trailers and generators ). This
was around 83 or so. Seeing longevity of system probably means more were
made. Also large #'s of INERT's were made for various branches of
our/and foreign govt.'s as training/handling aids. Their Pelham,NH test
site had a few as well as White Sands, N.M. If TA's were part of a
test/training aid they may have had live electronics but ballasted
inserts of proper weight for warhead and propulsion components but
hydraulic accumulators for flight surface movements were probably
You could try contacting Raytheon Co. HQ in Lexington, MA. and
explain what you are looking for and why but they are a funny Co.
sometimes. Chances of finding a non demilled TA are slim but you would
want to check DRMO's or surplus dealers around Army and USMC bases since
they were the users stateside ( Fort Bliss would probably be a good bet
( they trained Army and USMC units) along with White Sands ) Best bet
would be to try to track down a fiberglass radome or three and then make
the bodies from Sona tubes and add on some plywood finns (or swedes)
;-) USMC, being a frugal bunch , still use them and Desert Storm
photos showed them being dragged around in racks on USA M35's. Still big
with Middle east allies and most of our allies ( Japan ,Germany, Italy,
Korea ,Taiwan etc.)
An outside bet would be our old foe Russia. Several attempts were
foiled to smuggle stolen (or purchased from former allies) missiles. But
how many succeeded? Over their money talks and their are probably
dealers of GAZ's and BRDM's who might have a Hawk or 2 lying around.
And finally you might find a military or aerospace museum with an
old exhibit lying around.

Hope this ends up in some leads.
Ron MVPA 18999
Collector of MV lawn art and Motor Pool

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