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Joe Baker (
Wed, 08 Jul 1998 21:19:47 -0400

> Why would an officer in the ARMY be waxing the BC's Jeep?
> You said you are a Maj in the Inf. now so that would put you as a LT. back
> then. Maybe you were enlisted back then!!!

At the raw age of 17 I enlisted in the Army as a combat medic and was
sent to Vietnam at 18 as an Speedy-4 medic where I misspent my youth as
an ambulance driver with an M-43 that was older than myself. I found
myself following the 5 ton S&Ps of a number of transportation battalions
all over the II Corps area of operations. When the ambulances gave out
after a number of combat losses in the field, I then spent a lot of
those trips in the bottom of a V-100 and a number of 5 Ton Gun Trucks.

Later in my tour there I had the misfortune to be appointed as the BC's
driver, hence my job waxing his jeep. I can assure you that after that
silly game, once I became an officer that I NEVER had any of my troops
waste there time waxing my jeep!

Joe Baker
Major, Infantry (mustang type, no ring on my finger..)

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