Re: [MV] Donation cars for 1998 MVPA convention.

Todd Paisley (
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 17:19:07 -0400

>Here in America we value our freedom above all else, even life itself
>and if you question that visit a military graveyard sometime--a lot of
>dead men who fought to defend our freedom from outside aggressors
>(Japan and Germany).

I see. The people building Japanese and German cars right now are
aggressors. No matter that over 50 years have gone by. Is there anything
that the majority of Japanese and German people who were born AFTER WWII can
do to ever regain their status in the world? Will they forever be punished
for something they they were not even alive during? Wake up. Join the
world entering the 21th century. The MVPA is an international organization
and not an American organization.

Todd Paisley

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