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Douglas Greville (
Sun, 12 Jul 1998 09:38:24 +0930

Todd and Alan
> I totally agree. How the crushing of a 1980's Toyota Camry or VW Golf
> historical event totally escapes me. This is a hate activity if there

> an activity at their meet. Especially for those people from Germany,
> Japan and Italy that plan on attending this international event.

Well said, both of you. If I had travelled all the way to America to
attend what is supposed to be an INTERNATIONAL MV collectors meet
only to have my nationality "rubbed in my face" I too would be far
from impressed.

The MVPA better decide whether it wants to promote the preservation
of historic vehicles or promote racial intolerance.

I believe that there was a reenactment of the Hiroshima bombing
carried out at an Airshow in America a number of years back; even down
to the original pilot flying the plane - I don't need to tell you
how much of a storm that caused. It took quite a bit of diplomatic
work to smooth that one over.

Out here at the moment we have elections happening in a certain MV club
where some existing board members want the club to become more
"militaristic", there are others running for the board who wish
the club to stay the same and be a MV vehicle club. If they start
behaving like a militia, they will soon be labelled as one and lose
any credibility with the public.

Personally, I shudder at the thought of a "militaristic" club. Just
think what will happen when they decide to allocate rank? That fight
in itself will probably tear the club apart; can't you just hear it?
'I want to be a Field Marshal" and 'If you think I am going to call
that twit - Sir ............!

There is a very old saying that is very applicable to all thinks to
do with any club - KISS - keep it simple stupid! Once you lose sight
of this and things get complicated and or devisive you are on the
slippery slope to trouble.

I have learnt a lot and much enjoyed exchanging emails with europeans
who are in the MV scene.

On this list we don't see many non-anglo types, lets not upset the
ones we do have.

To Arthur: sorry if I have gone too far off subject, but this is
similar to the "oil rag flag" controversy. I think it needed to
be said. I will keep quiet now.


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