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>Hello List
>I'm lucky enough to be spending a week in Northern France at the end of
>this month and am looking for places to visit.

>Mick O'Farrell
>Miss J - '43 GPW/mb
>(nearly motor-pool ready!)
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Naples, July 16 1998

Hi Rick!
Dont forget to visit The Museum of the Atlantic Wall in Audinghen, some 20
Km. from Calais, with the Batterie Todt where you may see the only German
K5(E) railroad cannon preserved here in Europe. It is a 28 cm. caliber
monster! The (E) stands for Eisenbahn/Railroad. The owner of the Museum is
a British Mr. David Davies.
The other r.r. cannon, captured after the Allied landing at Anzio (on the
road to Rome, Italy) was transported in the USA at Aberdeen, Maryland,
where it is today.
It is speculated that a third one was captured by the Russians and showed
up to a few years ago in St. Petersbourg, but no evidence did come out
until now. What happened to the K5(E) in Russia is not known.
May I ask you a favor? There has been some speculation in the last year
concerning the fact that the Batterie Todt cannon is self-propelled, i.e.,
it can move by itself on the rails for small distances. The diesel power
unit should be on the back of the cannon. It is a sovrastructure with an
ammo derrick on it. Can you ask some info to the Museum personnel if you
will go there? Thanks a lot!
It seems that this r.r. cannon is a "late" type and does have its own
diesel power unit for short distances... While "early" types did not have
a self propelled diesel unit...

Thanks a lot for any help/info you may be able to give me/us: military
railways fans!!!
Have a very good holiday!

Keep Them Rolling!
(or as Buzz says. Real Jeeps are O.D., all other are wannabes!)

Raimondo L. Torelli - M.V.P.A.
Naples - Italy

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