[MV] Found For Sale: 1/2 WC

James Burrill (jburrill@dttus.com)
17 Jul 1998 23:51:32 -0500

I was driving near Fort Indian Town Gap, PA.today and about 5 miles
from the post was this truck. I stopped to give it a quick look ( I am
picking up my CMP C-15A next weekend and was not in the market for
Dodge WC......)

It is still original army green with hood number " USA 2070067 S".
It is missing the bed completely. The windshield is gone and also the
seat bottom. Motor is there along with all the original dash plates.
The roof wasn't crushed. It is very rusty but the pitting kind, not
the flaky kind. If you sandblasted it, you would need a coating of
filler to smooth the pits.

The cab is missing a plate over the stick shift area. The cab has rust
through about 6 square inches worthin the floor and cab corners. The
windshield posts weren't rusted out.Frame looked sound on quick
inspection. The sign says 1942, 6 cyl 1/2 ton weapons carrier.

Price "asking 450.00"

Contact 717-469-2480" the name on the mailbox was Geesaman

If you buy it, let me know .....

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