Re: [MV] silly string

Sat, 18 Jul 1998 03:41:16 -0000

> I saw on the news this AM that Fitchburg MA has banned silly string from
> sold at parades.
> I think that we should strongly mention/push this when contracting with
> They showed how it is difficult to get off of brick buildings in addition
> MV's and other restored antiques...
> "Avoid hot surfaces (especially vinyl upholstery) or an open flame. This
> product may cause staining if sprayed with in 10 feet."
> My wife let the kids spray the car and the vinyl top looks like you held
> match close to it and the vinyl melted slightly and left a shiny spot.
> more Silly String at this house.

Small opinion, but I have to post it. The problem is not a silly string
problem. It is a behavior problem. Why not punish the offenders, instead
of the silly string manufacturers? Better yet, why not try to encourage
the product manufacturer to make a car or building safe product? How about
offering an alternative product to parade-goers who just have to hurl stuff
on parade participants (like the bird seed we throw at weddings nowadays)?

I'm not saying that the mayor was wrong in trying to address the problem-
just that there are other ways of approaching a problem without enacting a
law banning something.

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