Re: [MV] Vendors for CMP parts in UK/Europe

Nick Bullock (
Mon, 20 Jul 98 23:56:59


A mention of a Chevrolet C8A. Its enough to make you leap into action. Well

Many list subscribers will be aware of Jaap Rietveld (an excellent source of
CMP parts). But may be not be aware of Nordian services in Essex, England.
They also stock some parts. I can supply details if needed.

I have owned a Chevrolet HUP for 16 years and find that the list of
"unobtainable" parts is actually quite short!! And what a superbly useable
truck it is....

But then I'm biased!!!!

Nick Bullock
Chevrolet C8A HUP (and others) Yorkshire, England.


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