[MV] Vendors for CMP parts in UK/Europe

James Burrill (jburrill@dttus.com)
18 Jul 1998 09:19:32 -0500

Hi List,
For the UK and European members, can you provide the names and points
of contact for merchants or collectors dealing in CMP parts, Ideally,
for the No.13 cab 15 cwt truck or the 8cwt CMP HUP?

I must have 25 catalogs for "M" series US trucks and Jeeps for here in
the States.....there has got to be similar dealers in the UK/Europe
that have listings that you lads routinely use for take-off, fittings,
nuts ,bolts and the like.

BTW, still looking for the spare tyre carrier hardware for a C-15.....

Jim Burrill
Quakertown, PA

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