[MV] front end shimmy on a M-170

keats (keats@gateway.net)
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 22:58:32 -0400

At slow speed when going over bumps or rough pavement I sometimes get a bad
shimmy in the front end. I notice the drivers side tire wobbling.Ican
cover the same pavement in 3rd gear and at a faster pace and not have a
problem at all. Wheel bearings are adjusted correctly, a new bellcrank
repair kit installed, and I can find no looseness or sloop in the steering
system at all when checked with both wheels on the ground or jacked up. I
don't have any movement in the kingpins that I can see even after applying
upward pressure under the tire with a metal bar. Can worn shocks cause
this also? If on a fairly smooth road, I have no problems at all at any
speed. Any suggestions or advice? Thanks in advance, Gary

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