[MV] front wheel shimmy

keats (keats@gateway.net)
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 23:09:59 -0400

I have to apologize for the first letter. Anyway, the jeep has a shimmy
that is quite intense when at slow speed and going over bumps. Again, wheel
bearings are adjusted correctly, and I installed a new bellcrank repair kit
to remove slope there, which worked. I can see no more excess movement in
steering system with wheels on the ground or jacked up. Kingpins look and
feel tight and no movement noticed witha metal bar as leverage under tire.
I can cover the exact area tht may cause the shimmy at slow speed, at a
faster speed (3rd gear) and get no shimmy at all. I notice the drivers
side tire wobble during the shimmy and suspect the passenger side is doing
the same as the jeep shakes back and forth until I apply brakes and slow
down. Any suggestions, advice, and opinions welcomed at this point.
Thanks in advance, Gary

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