Re: [MV] 6v to 12v conversion info

Cris Calhoun (
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 20:27:22 -0700

Portrayal Press ( sells copies of the original US Army
instructions for this conversion on the GPW and MB. It's labeled "MWO
ORD G503-W7", and seems pretty darned complete.

My MB was converted already, so I didn't have to do it, and thus can't
offer any practical tips.

But my wiring is all shot (it caught fire as I was driving my
newly-purchased '44 MB home!), so I am planning on redoing it. If you
have any suggestions as to the best replacement wiring set to get,
please let me know. (Didn't get a single response from my earlier post
requesting info on 12v replacement wiring sets....)


Cris Calhoun
'44 MB

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