[MV] M151A2 Lube -Reply

WIDD-Jame (RiceJ@silltcmd-smtp.army.mil)
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 10:24:44 -0500


I used regular 90W gear oil in my M151A1 transmission, transfer and
differentials. The tranny and xfer share fluid so they have to be the
same. While there are two drains, there is only one fill hole.

As for brake fluid, you need to determine what type it has and stick with
it. In military service it would have silicone based fluid. Very likely it still
has silicone unless someone has gone to the trouble to convert it to
regular DOT3 non-silicone type.


Not long before I bought my M151A1, known to me , someone added
regular fluid to the master cylinder which had silicone type in it. The
result was a gooey mess. It looked like someone had ground up
hardened silicone rubber and put it in the mastercylinder. Fortunately, it
has not yet begun to leak, but the brakes are VERY hard to depress
because it is like having "Silly Putty" in the lines and cylinders.

Apparently this process take a few days or weeks to complete occur.
When I first got the jeep, the brakes worked fine. Within about 2-3
weeks, they slowly began to fail. I suppose the guy I bought it from
thought he was helping me by topping off the mastercylinder. He owns
a gargage and had one of his mechanics add fluid.

This fall, I am facing a brake rebuild because of the mixed fluids. I am
also facing a brake rebuild on my '42 International truck. First, it has too
cool off. The temp in Oklahoma has been running over 100 degrees F
every day for several weeks now.

Good Luck,

Jim Rice
Lawton, Oklahoma
'42 International M-3L
'43 Ford GPW
'51 Jaques Power Saw M100 1/4 Ton Trailer
'67 Ford M151A1

>>> "Russell Bong" <rbong@cda.com> 07/22/98 10:14am >>>

Now that I have my long desired mutt, what civilian lube should I use in
the following:

a. tranny
b. transfer case (if different from the tranny)
c. differential
d. master cylinder

there is also mention of greasing two areas in the distributor (I don't
have the manual with me so I can't be more precise at this moment).
grease should I use?

What about grease for the grease joints?

Thanks again for all of your help on the transfer case bearing question.

Jeep Nut in Training

M151A2 (Viet Nam era Jeep) with M4 mount and M60 all pulling a M416
(that small two wheeled trailer that holds up to about 3/4 ton).

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