Re: [MV] 6v to 12v conversion info
23 JUL 98 14:48:11 EDT

Dave wrote:
>OK, I guess I need to ask. But what is the great appeal of a one wire

That wasn't my suggestion and I don't know why anyone would use a 1 wire
alternator in a "normal" wiring setup. I offered the suggestion about a
cutoff switch to save someone/anyone the problem we found when using this
type of alternator. By your wiring diagram the 3 regular wires provide
isolation through the ignition switch and only have the alternator charge
the battery when needed which is perfect in a normal system. In a jeep
(which I would always keep 6 volt anyway) I would use the regular
alternator and the extra wires, it's just better.

OFF THREAD WARNING!! (Indulge me Arthur.....please)
To answer the obvious next question (before anyone asks it).... We use
a 1 wire alternator (not a conversion job, it's specially built) in the
race car which is a very different animal where it has advantages.
1. 2 less wires to chase if a short develops.
2. 2 less wires to get damaged or cause damage.
3. Constant POWER (insert grunting here) to the ignition which stops
horespower loss.
Disadvantage: Constant charging can damage the battery.
Solution: Use a Sears DieHard and get it replaced every year for free!

All in good fun,
Dennis O'Connor
(Any replies to the off topic part please send private so as not to annoy
the list or its keeper)

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