[MV] One wire

King (landy@netpointer.com)
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 15:19:42 -0700

The one wire GM alternator was used mainly as a marine application,but I
have used it in several Land Rovers.It can eat batteries because of the
constant charge but I have been using a volt meter wired in to monitor the
volts and when it stays high for a while then I turn on the lights and/or
other electrical guzzling device.For occasional use I don't think it's a
problem.There are other problems as well.The one style of regulator doesn't
excite until you are reving at about 2,000rpm.This is no good if the engine
is cold and you need to rev it to kick in and it's no good to let it idle at
no charge because then you burn out the alternater.The other style regulater
has a resister wired in so that the exciting kicks in at about 650rpm.The
one advantage there is to the GM alternater is that you can get splash
shields that bolt on to the alternator and this makes it water resistant.
I also noticed the other day that this John Deer tracter I saw had an
alternator that had a completly sealed case with fins for cooling.It looks
like it is completely water proof.Good for those deep fording situations?
The majority of times I have found that if the stock electrical is
maintained and kept then there rarely is problems.I can speak from
experience because I work with Lucas:)

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