[MV] Correctly naming military vehicles

Gary R. Downing (gwhiz@interoz.com)
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 21:21:52 -0500

What do you call a military vehicle? M-this? M-that? Of course.
<italic>BUT...</italic>You are short changing the new comer to our hobby
and the public at large with such an esoteric, narrow interpretation.

I spent a career in the service and I was an assigned driver of a "deuce
and a half". I put thousands of miles on them. I never knew it's
"other" name. If I did I forgot it. Likewise, I drove a 5 ton wrecker
for a while. Same story. I crewed an M-47 "patton" tank. We called it
an M-47. (Chalk up one for the hard liners.) However, the thing we called
a "Range finder" turned out to be a "Gunnery Control System" built by
Frankford Arsenal. I did not learn this until I was retired! Further,
our gunners could shear a 2x4 in two at 1000 yards using the thing no one
knew the correct name of! I also had some long hours driving a "jeep".
If my OIC suddenly shouted "GET THE CCW AND THE XYZ" I would have been
frozen in place! As it happens, Our "jeep" was an MRC-107 radio

I am solidly with Bill Strickland and Joe Baker on this one. When
someone wants to LEARN and become a part of, they should be encouraged,
not discouraged by some ridiculously narrow idea of, dare I say it?
"Politicaly correctness?" (I wonder what the "M" number was of the 90mm
that I whittled that 2x4 with?)

Regards to my fellow MV enthusists.

Gary Downing USAFR (Spent 6yrs Army, 14yrs Airforce as Combat

Anyone who wishes to communicate about MV or etc. I am:

PS. Major Baker: Consider yourself saluted.

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