[MV] Misc Armored car parts

Barber, Steve R. (Steve.R.Barber@gpc.com)
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 13:32:00 -0500

I met a guy at an air show that had some misc parts for sale. I told
him that I would list them on this e-mail site for him. I will mention
the standard disclaimer..."I have no other knowledge of this person and
have no other information on these parts".

Item Quantity
Safety belt for M8 & M20 Arm. Cars 3
Snl No. G-136 & G-176
Ord. Dwg. No. B 154723

7409140 Carb. repair kit (Holley) 1
for M-41 & M51, 5 ton (6x6) truck
with Continental R-6602 engine

Sellers name & telephone number:

Robert Brown (770) 590-1252 (Georgia USA)

This guy is an airplane buff that ended up with this stuff when
purchasing other parts. I have a feeling that he would accept any
reasonable offer.


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