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>A friend of mine was nearly killed when loading his Burma Jeep on his
>gooseneck trailer after attending a July 4 parade. He sustained a
>fractured skull during a fall off of the trailer...

Naples, July 27 1998

First, sorry for your friend and my best "get well!" to him.

Now: What is a BURMA Jeep? I have seen it mentioned before on the List
but I have never seen one. In my books on the Jeep it has not been
mentioned. Can you tell me where I may find a picture? On the net or books.
Is an official Jeep or a sort of field modification. Burma is in the
Pacific theatre... Nothing to do with a Burma Jeep?
Thanks to all

Keep Them Rolling!
Raimondo L. Torelli M.V.P.A.
Naples - Italy

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