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Mon, 27 Jul 1998 13:53:53 -0000

How about the price of ex-wives? It isn't an injury, but it sure hurts.
Here is a real series of injury stories. At the Special Forces Assesment
and Selection (SFAS)
course, they were very obliging to this MV freak soldier by having two
military vehicle events. One of the events involved a jeep trailer push.
The trick was that the trailer had only one wheel. One of us, with
rucksack and equipment, got to ride on an outrigger to balance the trailer
while all our friends pushed. This wasn't too bad for the rider, unless
the pushers were doing to sleeping rucksack walk, and veered into one of
Camp Mackall's wonderful roadside blackberry stands(with bush attached).
My face was bleeding at the end of the day.

The second one was a jeep push. The trick here was getting the wheels back
on the jeep without jacks and levers (while wearing rucksack and gear of
course). Besides the obvious aching backs, there were those slow souls who
had an M151 dropped on their ankles or feet. OUCH!

Oh, and this fun lasted for about three weeks.

I am so glad I made it through the first time. There were guys there on
the second and third time.

> > U mean besides the obvious permanent mental injuries we all suffer
> > from....??
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> )))
> -- (@ @)
> - Morten K. Agerup Myhr-----oOOo--(_)--oOOo------

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