Re: [MV] Exrra bit

Juho Paaso (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 21:13:23 +0300

Morten K. Agerup Myhr wrote:

> > Fortunately my most serious occurrence with an MV (to date) was
> > missing
> > the step whilst trying to get up on the DUKW and doing one ankle no
> > good at all - anyone else have any MV injuries ? (hopefully not too
> > serious) Gordon
> > U mean besides the obvious permanent mental injuries we all suffer
> > from....??

Hmm.. my only injuries thus far have been :

1. burned calf on MB exhaust
2. X number skinned knuckles
3. BSA M-20 fell on me as direct result in an attempt to offroad on a
stiff-end motorbike.

but other than that I'm alive an well!

Juho Paaso

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