Re: [MV] RE Burma Jeep -Reply

WIDD-Jame (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 14:16:29 -0500

When first confronted with the "they didn't come with 4WD" theory, I too
was skeptical, but I later read somewhere (I'll have to try to dig it up) that
it was indeed true.

I know the man that bought one of my firend's trucks from the military in
the mid to late 40's. He said it never had the necessary parts to make it
4WD. The differential housing has what appears to be a factory stock
cap in place of the pinion. The transfer case is in place, but is doesn't
have any shift linkage nor a shaft to the front axle. I suppose it is in
permanent high range. I have never inquired as to its internal
completeness (or incompleteness).

I will try to find out where I read that the factory didn't, for at least part of
the production, turn the vehicles out with 4WD.

My friend has been in contact with the gentleman in Dearborn. Don't
know if he talked to him about this point though. I will ask the next time I
see him.


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