FW: [MV] Saving Private Ryan

Hayes-Holgate, Shaun (SHayesHolg@ea.com)
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 11:20:22 -0700

> Does anyone know what the final line up of vehicles was for the
> movie?
> Regards
> Doug
> Has Andreas 'Kettenkrad' melhorn seen this movie yet? The
> kettenkrad plays a big role at the end of the film.I saw it on friday
> and I think it is amazing.When I visited the beaches at Normandy I
> tried hard to visualise the battle.This movie takes you there with a
> journalistic style of film making which creates a greater sense of
> realism.
> On another note,I was watching some radio controlled boats on the
> weekend and an idea occured to me.It would be cool to have a large
> radio controlled model of a DUKW that you could drive around on land
> and then drive it into the water! Are there any model kits already
> available with a motor and controller?
> Haze
> M-43
> Vanc.,B.C.

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