Re: [MV] Studs,nuts and lots of Rust

tiny (
Tue, 28 Jul 98 15:56:35 -0800

In my experience getting the bolt or nut nice and hot before attempting
to move it is a good way.. I had a similar problem with exhaust manifold
bolts on my thunderbird engine.. Brok a few sockets, fingers,
extensions, and nerves before I broke out the oxy acetalyn torch and hit
each one for a while.. If you don't have a cutting/welding torch a good
propane one would probably get hot enough.. They are pretty cheap too
considering. After heating them things for only just a few seconds I
put a wrench on them and nearly fell over cause I put as much pressure on
it as I had before.. If it weren't red hot still I coulda grabbed it and
finger lossened it.. Hope the same works for you.. 8-)

-Ryan J. Geyer-

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