Re: [MV] Studs,nuts and lots of Rust
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 21:19:10 EDT

I can't add anything about the stud removal, but I want to
let you know of a possible problem. When you mate the two
manifolds, put a straight edge across the engine side of the flanges.
I'm pretty sure that you will find that planing the surfaces is in order.
My buddy and I assembled his old intake with a new exhaust man-
ifold and when we put it against the block we could see daylight
between flanges. One M37 manual made no mention of the problem,
yet another M37 manual warned against using mismatched, non
factory assembled units (didn't read that till after we did it). It's hard
enough putting the manifolds on once and maybe this note will prevent
you from having to do it twice. Also, leave the four bolts that hold the
manifolds together loose till after you snug the assembly against the
engine block. Refer to the manual for details.
Joe Young

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