Re: [MV] Stuff (equipment & vehicles) used in Saving Private Ryan

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Wed, 29 Jul 1998 08:37:42 +0100

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Subject: [MV] Stuff (equipment & vehicles) used in Saving Private Ryan

>Question: Where did they get all the vehicles and equipment used in Saving
>Private Ryan?
Mainly Steve Lamonby.

>Is anything available as reproduction? Can I get it in the USA?
Anything's possible with the correct depth pockets and if you can get to
speak to Steve, he's 1/2 mile away and we can neither contact him or get a
little peek at the barns of rare vehicles, mostly W.W.II German, not for
want of trying by the local MV club though.

If you succeed do let us in on the technique.

(Southampton UK)

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