Re: [MV] Bogie wheel wear on halftracks

Andreas Mehlhorn (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 09:52:54 +0200

Cliff Dahl schrieb:
> For any of you halftrack experts out there:
> I am experiencing extremely bad wear on the bogie wheels toward the rear.
> It acts as though the rear idler is not tracking properly and forcing the
> track to pull to the inside. The TM 9-710 does not show any adjustment f=
> this.

Dear Cliff,

may be the hull/chassis of your halftrack is bended/distorted and the
wheels don't run in a line (accident?). Also possible that some parts
of he wheels suspension is bended/distorted.

It is very important for a tracked vehicle, that the track wheels are
in a line and don't force the track to a side.


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