[MV] M211/M135 transmission fix

Wed, 29 Jul 98 14:03

How do you check the pressure and what range should it fall within? The
tranny in my M-135 (GMC, Truck, Cargo, 2 1/2 ton, 6x6) had ATF in it, so I
replaced it with the fluid they recommended, Chevron Dextron III. I was
told by Memphis not to put 10W in, if it even appeared to ever have been
filled with something else. They said to use the Dextron because of the low
foaming and heat handling characteristics. The heavy equipment mechanics
here at work agreed, but didn't understand why you wouldn't be able to go
back to the 10W if you wanted too. Perhaps a lubrication breakdown between
the two types if not completely flushed. It all appears to be doing fine,
but I would like to check the pressure to be safe.

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