Re: [MV] m135?s
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 18:55:15 EDT

I can't help you on the muffler, but maybe I can on the paint. When I
set out to restore my M135, I was advised by George Baxter, Army
Jeep Parts in Bristol, PA that the correct color for the truck is a late
WWII color that he had mixed by Gillespi Coatings. I believe this
color was used until 1957. When I took the cap off of the air intake
on the dash board, the color of the original paint on the back side of
it matched the Gillespi color exactly. This is a very good paint at a
reasonable price. If you go with a later period, I guess you would use
24087, a darker color. I don't know if paint shops mix it.

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