[MV] Wanted ....

Ontrack Computers (ontrack@teleport.com)
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 03:00:23 -0700

I did find out that the Mehari I own isn't a MV but rather a civilian model.
I also found out that they did make an off brand of my vehicle and the
French army bought 218 of them... I would sincerely like to find one in any
shape. Here is what I know about the vehcile:

In 1977 this 4x4 amphibious vehicle was presented by Lohr from the
Alsace,France. It used Méhari techniques; the engine was placed transverse
in the middle and the axels from the gearbox could drive this way the front
and the back wheels at the same time. The French army bought 218 Fardiers in
1978 and they were assembled in
the Belgian factory in Vorst / Forest (near Bruxelles).

If you have any information leading to the location of one forsale
PLEASE email me immediatley.

Damon Lehr

If you think I'm nutz... which I am... then email me and I'll send you a B&W
photo (picture is small) attached to a reply message.

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