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Date: 30 July 1998 12:39
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>Ken Fieth wrote:
>> My Ferret Mark2/3 has a broken gear in the RR bevel box. The gear was a
>> repair and apparently the weld broke. I was in 2WD, having taken the
>> drive shafts out to prevent wind up. The strain on the RR weld was
>> and I broke the Bevel Heel and Pinion or the Ring gear and Pinion (US).
>Why are people doing this, I realise there was a thread about the pro's
and con's
>of it a while back but the vehicle isnt designed to run like this and the
>strain on the rear bevel box's will result in this happening.

I wonder this too, the Ferret is of relatively light weight and
proportionally large wheel station components, with the spec matched tyres
as Jim and the manuals refer to it really is inconsequential.

There seems to be some understandable mild paranoia on the far side of the
pond about bevel box breakage and the distance of the spares sources.

An ex-mil instructor tells me that in 17 years of duty with the more
critical FV622 series vehicles no transmission breakage occurred even being
used mainly on tarmac surfaces for 150 mile round trips, the maintenance
schedule and tyre matching criteria were critically followed.

(Southampton UK)

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