Re: [MV] Demil of BV202 snowcat

Juho Paaso (
Fri, 01 Jan 1999 16:56:59 +0200

Johan Helsingius wrote:

> At 01:57 29/12/98 +0000, wrote:
> >Here in Sweden the military are scraping hundreds of the snowcat BM
> >BV 202 made by Volvo -63-81.
> Seems to be a nordic conspiracy. In my old home country, Finland, they
> sold off, amongst other things, the Air Force Fuga Magister jet trainers
> either to be scrapped or to US collectors - finns were not allowed to
> buy them!
> I would love one of the SISU 180 APC's I used to drive around in - and
> now that they are selling some to the Dutch Army, there is hope in
> 15-20 years :), but for now I suppose I should look at Saracens.
> Regards,
> Johan "Julf" Helsingius, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
> m>.

Hmm... well I do recall atleast two "bandwagens" that were offered to the
highest bidders sometime back! And if I understood the paper advertisement
correctly the vehicles were to be sold to the highest offer in "as is"
condition with no requirments for demilling ... Also I heard of an Ex-finn
frontier patrol boat that was offered for sale to local civilians able to
dish out the dough! But Otherwise those have been the ONLY occurrences that
some /any workable ex mil-veh (or anytype of weaponry no matter how
obsolete!) have been made available to the local civilians!

I think it was early 1997 to mid 97 that these two ex finn-mil BV-202 were
"testdriven" by a local automotive magazine ( Tekniikan Maailma). I suppose
it was a just for the fun of it article with no real info other than the
comments of those driving the vehicle, and ofcourse the usual gripes about
the vehicles thirts for fuel...

As for the SISU (now PATRIA) APC's.. yeah it'll be atleast 20 years, if ever
at all!

I saw one of those dutch variants on a testdrive yestiddy. The factory is
less than .5 klicks from were I live! :))

Juho Paaso


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