Re: [MV] Demil of BV202 snowcat

Johan Helsingius (
Fri, 01 Jan 1999 16:14:34 +0100

At 16:56 01/01/99 +0200, Juho Paaso wrote:

> Hmm... well I do recall atleast two "bandwagens" that were offered to the
>highest bidders sometime back!


>But Otherwise those have been the ONLY occurrences that
>some /any workable ex mil-veh (or anytype of weaponry no matter how
>obsolete!) have been made available to the local civilians!

Right. Wonder what they are really afraid of? Drunken drivers in
heavy armour? :)

>I saw one of those dutch variants on a testdrive yestiddy. The factory is
>less than .5 klicks from were I live! :))

Any idea of the differences between the dutch and finnsh variants? Was
it a basic APC, or one of the more specialized ones (rocket launcher,
AA radar)?


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