Re: [MV] M-151 Roll-overs

jonathon (
Fri, 1 Jan 1999 20:28:19 -0600

>Going directly to the DOT is likely not the answer. They should have to
>the info under the Freedom of Information Act. Unless it deals with National
>Security or Privacy Act information of a particular individual, which this
>doesn't, it must be released to the requesting individual.

Yes.... all sounds wonderful. Just force them to release the information.
But it doesn't work that way. You have to pay for it, unless you can prove
that you are somehow involved with or affected by (you personally) the
subject. I can't recall the wording but to get info without paying you have
to justify it. Now I have no problems with paying, but it's to much of an
open ended situation. I could request roll over test data on vehicle X, Y &
Z and they could come back with 10,000 pages at 1$ a page, no thankyou.

As an add-on to my first message about trying to get data. I had offered to
go to DC (I lived near St Louis at the time) to do the research etc. so as
not to cost them anything. The response was something like 'not possible'.
So in summary, they wouldn't tell/show what data they have, and I couldn't
go look for it myself. Kind of leaves you going nowhere, which I guess is
what they want, I don't know???? Just remember.... their from the
government, their here to help us!


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