Re: [MV] OT-810 and German Halftracks

Douglas Greville (
Sat, 02 Jan 1999 09:24:02 +1030

> >there are a lot of differences in details:
> >The OT has a diesel engine , the 251 a Maybach petrol engine.
> >The OT has a closed top and a rear door. The 251 has an open top.
> >The OT has a simple dry track, the 251 has a lubricated track.

Although I have only experienced 1 x OT-810 and it may have been
in need of some work, I would like to add one other observation:
they are _very_ noisy inside (sufficiently so that I think ear
protection would be a necessity)! Add to this the fact that your
vision is severely limited; they do not make for a very safe
vehicle to operate without crowd control, unless that is you have
an intercom and commander - tank style.


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