[MV] Original or Repro

Sat, 2 Jan 1999 09:58:10 EST

Good Morning:

Something that I haven't seen discussed at any great length is the issue of
using repro parts instead of NOS or restoring worn/damaged originals. I
understand that this is, in many ways a personal choice, which will be
effected by whether you are looking to do a true restoration, or simply taking
a worn MV and making it serviceable again. Personally, my goal is to have a
vehicle that I drive weekly (to shows, hardware store, or light trail riding).
I'd love to keep as many orginal parts as possible, but is it silly to think
that an "original" body that is more bondo than sheet metal is "better" than a
brand new tub? And, at what point does a vehicle cease to be "original"? That
is, If the only parts that were actually together when the vehicle rolled off
the assembly line were the frame and the wheels, is a vehicle that is made up,
piece meal, of NOS parts any more "correct" than one using quality repro

In my case, I have a '52 M-38 with a '51 M-38 engine. But the real issue is
the body. The tub probably has more bondo and metal patches than original
sheet metal. The tub channels are completely rusted out, the tail gate has
been replaced with a home made gate that was permanently welded shut, and the
spare tire carrier is also a home made affair. When I bought the Jeep, my
intent was to have a professional restore the body to it's former glory (I
have neither the time or nor the expertise do it myself). However, over the
past year or so, a number of them have told me that the body is probably not
worth saving ( it would cost as much as the jeep and I'd still end up with a
body that was mostly bondo). The question then becomes whether to find a tub
from another M-38, or consider one of the repro bodies like those offered by
Darryl Bensinger.

I understand that this is a complex issue, and there will be no definitive
answers. But, any input from the list would be greatly appreciated.

Chris DeWitt
52? M-38

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