Re: [MV] M38A1 Oil filters
Sat, 2 Jan 1999 22:42:58 EST

I am fixing up an M38A1 for an organization I belong to and wanted to know
about the usefulness of the small oilfilter screen assembly on the engine now.
My inclination is to replace it with a Mil Jr filter assy - would that be
correct for the M38A1 ? And who knows anything about this small filter with a
T handle? I can't imagine could be as effective as a replaceable filter.
Comments fellow listers?
Also, perhaps for the new folks we should expand our vehicle list like so :
Mike in Va
1951 M37 3/4 ton Dodge (Korean War)
1964 M151A1 Jeep (Vietnam era)
1943 WC62 11/2 ton Dodge (WWII)
1943 MB Jeep (WWII)

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